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Increase your denture profits, GUARANTEED! With Dr. Joe Barker's Rapid Dentures System, you'll cut chair time, eliminate wax bites forever and explode your profits!

By Dr. Joe Barker

Tired of dentures not being predictable and financially rewarding? So was Dr. Joe Barker. If you hate dentures now, you’ll love it when the time-consuming chore that sucks the life out of you and your practice, turns into a predictable, even enjoyable service.


“I wanted to keep my patients and make ‘em happy, but I knew I also needed to reduce the time my staff and I spent not only making but delivering dentures our patients loved.


I’ve invested hundreds of hours, literally, refining my own process and adapting best practices from the very best in the removable field, to create a unique process that has allowed me to offer high-quality solutions to my edentulous patients.


Now, I am keeping my patients, reducing the number of visits and making
dentures in half the time it took before…while dramatically increasing my profits. With the time, energy and frustration my system eliminates, the nominal one-time investment will provide a return on your very first denture case and for years
to come.”

- Dr. Joe Barker


Inside Rapid Dentures, you’ll see exactly how Dr. Barker has simplified the denture process – from the first appointment to the last – all while delivering an improved patient experience! Order yours today!

Dr. Joe Barker's Rapid Denture System turns the time-consuming, pocket-draining chore of dentures into an incredible, predictable profit center!

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After graduating from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in 1996, Dr. Barker began streamlining systems to optimize efficiency for his practice and his patients. He established his own denture lab in 2009, which allowed him to perfect his denture techniques. The Rapid Dentures Model for making dentures was born during his time working in the lab.


The system provides a tremendous service to patients while decreasing lab and supply costs, as well as chair time. The extensive training on Dr. Barker’s two techniques covered in the DVD series will empower any dentist wanting to make dentures a predictable, efficient and profitable component of their practice.


When he’s not in the lab, Dr. Barker enjoys spending time with his wife Lori and 9-year-old son Tyler.


Meet Dr. Joseph Barker

Dr. Chris Griffin discusses Joe's Rapid Denture Technique.

His system is awesome!

"I used to HATE dentures until I learned his system.
Now, I would rather do them than just about anything else."

- Ryan Crain, DDS

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